Monday, February 1, 2010

February 2010

Hello and welcome to February.

If you look down to the post below this one you will see it was a lonnnnnng time ago.

Over the past yr or so I put this site in simmer mode as I accomplished some personal and professional objectives.

Now that they are completed I will again get the ball rolling. The purpose of this site is unchanged - to document America's vanishing smalltown pubs. These homegrown businesses are most certainly MORE threatened now than they were when I launched this site - increased DUI pressures, more home entertainment options, ever-increasing costs to eat and drink out, etc - all work to make running a tavern a very risky and stressful occupation.

One of my new goals is to interview more owners and managers and to include more photos.

I have pretty much given up on using the new website. Maybe I should just bite the bullet and buy a brand new copy of Dreamweaver and learn it the right way.

For now, I will continue to manage the site on the antiquated Microsoft Frontpage software.

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