Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Lebanon, PA - Giant Boloney Drop

Happy New Year!

Last night I rang in 2008 by watching Lebanon's gigantico bologna drop from a ladder truck.

This 12ft long, 150 pound behemoth lumbered to the ground as 100s of people stood in a parking lot cheering it on.

Lowering something odd to celebrate the new year is an inherently happy event. I had a good time but Lebanon sure could have done more in the lead-up. A DJ played some good music but the only hot drinks were free coffee or hot chocolate from the Salvation Army but there was no food and no other activities beforehand. Not a single local mini-mart of coffee shop was open.

Other towns have kids events, displays, hey - maybe even free boloney samples.

Something to consider for the future?

There WERE bars open nearby. Looked like fun inside as i peered through their front windows. I want to get to Lebanon soon to check out some of the downtime places.

Happy New Year all!