Friday, February 22, 2008

I'm A Cop - Not!

A few weeks ago I was in Reading and encountered some friction from a pub-ful of people who apparently had reached a consensus that I was an undercover cop.

This decision came to a head when one of the patrons actually followed me outside to ask me to show him that I was NOT wearing a concealed firearm. I guess he expected me to go around the corner and climb into my unmarked Crown Vic. Sorry buddy, no piece today and all I was driving away in was my 10 year old jalopy.

Well, advance forward and I am sitting in a bar in Lancaster - the guy next to me is eyeballing me. I hate being eyeballed.

Wanna guess what he was wondering? You guessed it - if i was an undercover cop. This line is growing old.

He left, I had another beer or two. Then I left in the snow to my 10 year old jalopy.

Maybe some feature of my face has changed and I suddenly have a look that makes everyone think I am law enforcement.

Who knows.

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